• A Traditional Alexandrian Coven

  • Marking full moons and celebrating the seasonal festivals around the Wheel of the Year

  • Always open to enquiries from genuine seekers


About Us

Providence Coven is a properly lineaged Alexandrian coven offering training in Rhode Island. We meet once a month for study of various magickal topics, as well as meeting to mark the Full Moon. Providence Coven also celebrates the seasonal festivals of the Wheel of the Year — the cycles of Light and Darkness.

As a working coven, our training emphasizes the practical connection with the cyclical forces of nature. We stress solid coven work, as well as a deep understanding of traditional lore and a touch of ceremonial magic. Initiates of the Providence Coven ever strive to bring the magic and training into our daily lives. We realize that each initiate has their own path to travel, as such we cover a diverse range of training topics.

Alexandrian Wicca is an initatory, oathbound, orthopraxic mystery tradition whose practice is based on polarity. As such, our rites reflect a traditional understanding of the male/female dichotomy practicing cross-gender initiation.

We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation or ethnic background.


Seeker Information

The Craft requires a strong individual who brings a sincere heart and a perceptive mind. With this in mind, we are always open to enquiries from genuine seekers who are interested in learning more about our Alexandrian Wicca and work toward initiation. The ideal student will bring a discerning mind, an eagerness to learn and a strong sense of dedication. Seekers must be of the age of majority.

Acceptance into the group is not guaranteed, and suitable applicants must undergo a process of preparatory training prior to initiation. Prior to beginning training with Providence Cove, the prospective student is afforded the opportunity to meet with coven elders. We realize that not every seeker is appropriate for any given coven. If after several meetings the match seems mutually acceptable, the seeker is afforded the opportunity to ask to join our training group. If the fit does not seem right to both side, each party is welcome to say so without recourse.

While the training group is not as rigorous as coven membership, there will be a period of rituals, craft-related conversations, and learning through observation. Generally, students can expect two evening meetings per month. Socializing is not the main purpose of the group, and anyone wishing to apply will be expected to accept these minimum commitments


Providence, Rhode Island
United States of America

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